5 Actionable Content Marketing Tips for Digital Marketers

Content marketing is very popular and there are about 500 million blogs on the Internet (1.6 billion websites). In recent times, content marketing is less effective than how popular it was before.

So should you give up content marketing now?

If you don’t leverage content marketing, you will miss out on a lot of leads. You can’t tackle the competition and you may end up. So all you need to know is, how to leverage it effectively?

There are many valuable ways to leverage content marketing. In this blog, you will get insider tips that prove content marketing still works and continues to be the strongest strategy to drive conversions.

Let’s get into the topic, “5 effective and actionable content marketing tips” to take your performance up to the next level.

1. Understand the Content Marketing (Sales) Funnel

The sales funnel is an essential term that describes the buyer’s decision-making prospects, with the three key phases being awareness, evaluation, and purchase.

If you’re involved in sales and marketing then pay close attention to this process to gain knowledge of what makes buyers move through the funnel.

Content marketing is an outreach, which means it’s the “top” of the sales funnel. For an outsider, this aspect of digital marketing is “far” from the money-making (sales) part of the funnel.

The content strategists should always think about four critical stages of the funnel:

  •  Outreach: attracting new customers
  •  Conversion: convincing customers to buy
  •  Closing: making the sale
  •  Retention: establish brand loyalty 

The “top” of the funnel is considered as where brand awareness and lead generation happens. It’s an opportunity to reach a possible customer and build your audience.

Keep engaging with them to understand more about your entire strategy. A great content strategist or manager knows how to engage customers through every part of the funnel and keep them active through the funnel.

2. View Your Content as Data

A content strategy doesn’t include the number of blogs written per month, but how much time is spent doing Facebook Live, or whether or not a company should be writing a whitepaper.

It is all about quality, but all of these are components and not what will guide your strategic approach.

A great content marketing strategy can engage audiences at every stage. A good strategist should understand how their content works. You can use this information to move into the next phase in the funnel.

Your strategy will be guided by analytics. The strategist will monitor,  and report on the numbers for better conversions. You should track where your customers are “coming from,” and where they are “going.” In other terms, you need to assess traffic patterns regularly.

Test what you’re doing continuously to know about your audience’s preferences, interests, and purchasing behavior. You need to know the performance to make it to the next step of the process.

3. Make a Plan

Creating a calendar is a vital successful strategy. A content calendar can guide your strategy throughout a given timeframe. You can add special dates in here, like major holidays and events relevant to your industry. 

You can also leave some “blank” spots to incorporate any unpredictable but relevant events or trending topics that you need to create content in last-minute deadlines.

You can also use this calendar to plan what you post and where. Having a multimedia strategy includes outreach like guest posting and PR is crucial these days. 

Consider where different distribution channels will fit into your sales strategy following months.

4. Repurpose

If you consider distribution, you want to mind the different purposes of content and analyze how it can affect your marketing and how you can use various content to save time and resources. For example, guest blogging, and social media to build customer relationships.

It is efficient to develop a strategy based content that can easily be repurposed through different channels and for different purposes. When you develop your content (think multimedia), consider the ways that it can be converted in the future easily.

Here are some ideas:

  •  Develop a webinar 
  •  Guides out of old blogs
  •  Blogs 
  •  Create an infographic 

You can build content with the intention of a mixed-use strategy. For example, Tweet buttons.

It should provide an easy way for you and your audience to broaden the distribution of a given post.

5. Establish Specific Direction for Your Content

Are you a content strategist or manager?

If yes, then you should have a solid framework of content and writers always ready. You should have a strategy, know the funnel, and have a calendar. In a general sense, you should know what you want to say.

Many businesses already have a wide range of content and a team of writers handy; these are essentials, a set of tools for analytics.

Every strategist should understand the marketing framework and different types of content in broad aspects.

The list below is not a definite example; it may vary with context.

  •   Outreach: Facebook ads, landing page, explainer videos, infographics
  •   Conversion: Social media, informational blog posts, case studies, quizzes
  •   Closing: Email series, reviews, questionnaires
  •   Retention: Exclusive offers, whitepapers, e-mails, contests, surveys

It’s essential that you have this content ready to go well in the timeline. You should also know which type of content performs well in different contexts with different audiences and also across platforms.

These are the trends that you can bank on in most instances are video (especially ephemeral content), infographics, and AI-based applications such as voice search.

Always Keep a Fresh Mindset

The key traits of a great content marketing strategist is an ability to problem-solve and learn new things.

Content marketing isn’t rocket science, but you need patience, creativity, and an analytical outlook.

An effective strategy does require analytical thinking, it needs creativity and experimentation.

You need a clear vision of your goals and a business plan in place. It is effective to learn up-to-date tools that you have access to in the context of the business and industry.

Final Takeaway

Content marketing actually works. That’s why so many people are using it today. The key to ensure that is leveraging new and innovative tactics like setting clearer content marketing goals and A/B testing various content. If you have a customer-focused strategy then your content marketing will work.

Data Science Skills to Stay Relevant in Industry

Data Science Skills to Stay Relevant in Industry

The Hindu Newspaper’s, Business Line has published a data science jobs report on February 28, 2019. It states that there are 97,000 job vacancies in analytics and data science for 2019. Are you ready to grab those vacancies? Then, what data science skills should you learn to stay top in society.

Another interesting fact is that by 2024, there will be a shortage of 250,000 data scientists in the USA alone.

Job Security with Data Science

You may well ask, Why should I learn data science and do I have job security after learning skills in data science.

You should learn data science because there is a huge skill scarcity in the data field which has created the vacancies you have seen above. So if you learn data science now, you will be immediately taken in for a job role in data science.

Do you have job security in a data science job role? Well, again a yes to this question but with some proof about the current and future state of the data science industry.

Data science is an evolving technology

Data science is evolving, associating with it all other recent technologies in the IT field. Thus, you can compete only if you upgrade your data science skills.

Since the skill supply is low, your training in data science will guarantee you a stable job future in the field of data science.

You Can Help Organizations Facing Difficulty in Using the Data Generated

Research by Gemalto, reveals that 65% of organizations are unable to analyze or categorize the volumes of data that they store. Therefore as a skilled data science professional you help the organizations to process their data and draw out positive insights.

In-Demand Skill Set

Data scientists who are already in the industry possess in-demand data science skills.

You have to possess current data science skills like, Machine Learning; R and Python programming; Predictive Analysis; AI; and Data Visualization to stay competitive.

The explosion of Humongous Amount of Data Every day

There is a vast amount of data generated from all sectors of society. There are approximate, 5 million consumers who interact with the internet daily.

This number is set to increase to 6 million by 2025. Hence, these many internet users are responsible for generating voluminous data. Who will analyze and derive results from all these data that is generated?

Undoubtedly, it is the data scientists who will be responsible to guard and process these overflowing data.

Data generation is perennial and thus is your data science job.

You Can Get Easy Promotion in your Job

LinkedIn has reported on the most promising jobs of 2019. And the top most promising job is that of a Data Scientist. It has given a score of 9 out of 10 as the Career Advancement Score for the job of a Data Scientist.

Furthermore, the key skills that LinkedIn has pointed out for a Data Scientist are,

  • Data Science
  • Data Mining
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Analysis and
  • Python

Moreover, data science jobs also pay you high.

The above points give strong reasons for your long time job security in data science job roles.

Now its time to briefly explore the prominent data science skills you need for a successful data science career.

Data Science Skills to Stay Relevant in the Data Field

Let us look into some of the core skills that you have to learn to get a data scientist job.

Machine Learning, prominent among data science skills

A part of artificial intelligence, machine learning involves data processing in order to make predictions and decisions without being programmed to do so.

Furthermore, machine learning combines data science, math and software engineering that requires an extensive skill set.

Skills that you will learn in machine learning are,

  • Computer science fundamentals and programming
  • Probability and statistics
  • Data modeling and evaluation
  • Machine learning algorithms and libraries
  • Software engineering and system design

You have to master machine learning skills that are important among the data science skills.

Python Coding

Python is a useful programming language for data scientists. It can be used for all steps involved in data science processes. Python is a powerful data and visualization tool.

It also has a set of libraries. Among others it has NumPy, SciPy, scikit learn and Pandas. Furthermore, Python can take various formats of data and you can easily import SQL tables into your code.

With Python, you can create datasets and also find any type of dataset you need on Google.


R is very popular among statisticians. Moreover, R is used for problem solving in data science. R is useful for statistical manipulation and graphical representation.

With R, data scientists can involve in data analytics such as statistical and predictive analysis with real-time data.

SQL, powered among data science skills

SQL is a programming language that helps you to carry out tasks such as add, delete, and extract data from a database. You can also carry out analytical functions and transform database structures.

SQL is important among data science skills. SQL helps to edit database table and index structures to help keep the information accurate.


As data science involves big data analyzes, exploring large datasets, mining them and providing data-driven innovation, you must learn Hadoop.

Hadoop is useful for managing and manipulating large datasets from multiple repositories. Moreover, you must be familiar with Hadoop components like Distributed File System, MapReduce, Pig, Hive, Sqoop, and Flume.

Above all, a data scientist benefits a lot from cloud computing tools like Amazon S3 too.


Now you are clear with the core data science skills you need to acquire to become successful data scientists. Deep learning is also one of the data science skills.

In the time series that will follow across the decades, data science will spell magic in rendering fruitful results for various industries. Some of the industries that will employ you with data science skills are,

  • Decision-making sector
  • Marketers
  • Product managing Sector
  • Human resources
  • Banking
  • Gaming
  • Finance
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Telecom and
  • Government
Which is the Best App to Learn Spoken English?

Which is the Best App to Learn Spoken English?

Do you want to improve your English speaking skills in the workplace? Do you have a broken English? Want to learn the English language and English grammar to perform well in your business? This article will talk about the best app to learn spoken English. And of course, other English language learning apps too.

Why Should you Learn Good Spoken English as Soon as Possible?

You have to speak English fluently and write in good English as soon as possible for the following reasons,

Many Nations and its Businesses do Transactions and Negotiations in English

In a country like India and in many other countries, English is an official language. This means important business, governmental, legal, educational, etc. works are chiefly done in English.

Moreover, in these countries, many internal and outsourcing jobs are carried out only in English.

Furthermore, in your workplace, you can understand the queries of your customers and international clients only if you learn the English language properly.

Lack of English language Deprives you of Many Benefits In Your Workplace

You would need English in your workplace for the following reasons,

  • First of all, to get a job in the IT field and to pass in your interview and other job selection tests
  • To chat with your foreign clients
  • To speak boldly in meetings and conferences
  • You will get a chance to go abroad from your company only if you have good command over the English language.
  • To do brief transactions and communication in your workplace
  • Significantly, the common internet language is English
  • You cannot 24/7 use your vernacular language for all communications in your workplace.
  • English is a must to work in MNCs.

Helpful English Learning Apps

First, let’s look at the best app to learn spoken English.

But before that, the apps for English are divided into two, namely, English grammar apps and English speaking apps.

English Grammar Apps from British Council

Most of us are not native English speakers. Therefore, we need to hone our English grammar skills. Some of the best grammar apps, if your native language is not English are

Learn English Grammar app by the British Council (The UK and US Editions) – The Best App

You can go to Google Play Store and type, “english grammar learning app”. In the list below, you will find the LearnEnglish Grammar (The UK and US Editions Separately). Both are separate apps.

It takes only a few minutes to download two apps. Significantly, they are completely free apps. You have three templates, namely, Practice, Test and Settings inside the apps.

Furthermore, to help the English learners to speak boldly in the real world the Practice template has three main sections,

  • Beginner Packs, 1, 2
  • Elementary Packs, 1, 2, 3
  • Intermediate Packs 1 and 2
  • Advanced Packs 1 and 2

Additionally, the Test template has test levels for the Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced Packs.

The greatest benefit is that you can also improve your pronunciation with the audio facility that you have got in both the apps.

British Council’s Johnny Grammar’s Word Challenge app

British Council’s Johnny Grammar’s Word Challenge is an important mobile app that is completely free.

With this mobile app, learning new words is possible. This app is available on Google Play Store and can be downloaded in a few minutes.

Furthermore, you have to do a simple free registration (even with Facebook). You will learn English with three available templates,

  • Grammar
  • Words and
  • Spelling

This app is just like playing a game. You can play on this app for 20 minutes daily or even for more time while you are on the go.

General English Language Learning Apps from British Council

British Council offers even more apps to improve you English conversation skills. These apps are not entitled to any google payments terms.

You can learn the language for free from a most authoritative source like the British Council.

British Council’s Learn English Podcasts – Free English Listening app

In this podcast, you can improve your listening skills. These are entertaining podcasts about everyday life.

You can listen to everyday conversations recorded by native British English speakers. Furthermore, this app provides 60 episodes for over 20 hours of conversation on a wide range of topics.

British Council’s IELTS Word Power app

Though IELTS Word Power app is for those who are preparing for the IELTS exam, you too can try improving your vocabulary using this app.

This app contains over 100 questions to test your word power. After learning English from this app you can boldly enroll in a British Council IELTS test center near you.

British Council’s Learn English Audio & Video app

Learn English Audio & Video app allows you to watch videos and follow along with the audioscript.

British Council’s Learn English Sounds Right app

Learn English Sounds Right app helps you with your English pronunciation.

British Council’s Timmy’s Starting to Read app

Timmy’s Starting to Read app has interactive games. You can start building your vocabulary, start to read from basics and boost your memory skills.

Though this app is for children, adults can still immensely benefit from this app.

British Council’s Learn English GREAT Videos app

Learn English GREAT Videos app will improve your English listening skills with information on UK’s music, sport and more.

British Council’s Timmy’s First Words in English app

Timmy and friends Yabba and Mittens from the TV show Timmy Time help your child to learn English. It is useful to develop the concentration of your kid.

Furthermore, this app has interactive games to boost language, motor and memory skills of your children.

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Learning English app

This app brings together all of your favorite lessons and presenters in one simple app. This app helps to keep your English up to date. With this app you can,

  • Study Grammar
  • Improve Pronunciation
  • Develop English through Topical New Stories and
  • Learn Latest Phrases to Use in Everyday Conversations


Just check out the above English learning apps while you have a cup of coffee or brunch and be successful in your job.

Choose an app – Get a Good Command of English!

Ideas for Robotics Projects for Final Year ECE Students

Ideas for Robotics Projects for Final Year ECE Students

Congrats for peeping into final year ECE. But don’t get panicked about the project work. I am here to suggest you a few robotics projects for final year ECE students.

Final year projects on robotics can be fun. Moreover, robotics projects are famous among projects for engineering students. This article gives you project ideas and project abstracts that you can experiment.

Daniel H. Wilson says, “There are an endless number of things to discover about robotics. A lot of it is just too fantastic for people to believe.”

So without further delay let us look into some interesting robotics projects.

Rocker Bogie Suspension System Mechanical Project

In this project you will develop a surveillance robotic vehicle for defense purpose. Furthermore, this robot is capable of moving in all surfaces. Additionally, it can move on rock terrains.

This robot can also take live streamline videos with the help of a camera.

Moreover, this robot has a mechanical structure superior to chain robots.

Your mechanical based robotics vehicle will contain the following,

  • 8 wheels derived with DC motor.
  • Furthermore, these motors are fixed to aluminium plates that are, 220mm length, 30mm width, and 3mm thickness.
  • Moreover, you have 12mm drill in the center for fixing C shape wing.
  • Additionally, you have a shaft in the center for balancing the mechanical structure.
  • Importantly, there is also a push rod mechanism on either side of the robot. This is helpful in limiting suspension height while driving on terrain rocks.
  • Aluminium material and metal steel are also used to maintain the strength and weight of the mechanical structure.

Interestingly, the robot can be controlled via an Android app in a mobile phone with the help of Bluetooth network.

On the other hand, you can also develop a solar based Rocker-Bogie Suspension System with Gripper attachment. Specifically, this robot can be used for pick and place operations.

Multiple Interface Based Fire Fighting, as exciting among robotics projects for final year ECE students

Let’s jump into this exciting module among robotics projects for final year ECE students.

Industry personal computer is the main controller of the fire fighting robotic.

Furthermore, in order to control the mobile robotics, you have to order the command. That acquire sensor data and programmed the supervised remote system with the visual basic.

Significantly, security information is received by the robot from the interface of the wireless RS232. And a generator user interface is designed for the computer control of the fire fighting robot.

Additionally, users will control the mobile robot with the help of the RF controller, remotely supervise computer and supervised control.

Obstacle avoidance by the robot is achieved using IR sensors. As well as, using ultrasonic sensors as per the fusion method of the multi-sense.

Furthermore, two flame sensors can be used to know the source of the fire. And fight it with the help of the extinguisher.

Specifically, to get more quick and easy environment map in the outdoor and indoor you have to combine the laser finder.

Robotic System with Super Intelligence Micro Controller Project Report

Robotic system with super intelligence micro controllers is important among the robotics projects for final year ECE students.

This autonomous robot is developed to detect fires and bombs for security purpose.

Furthermore, the robot has good flexibility. Moreover, it is controlled with wires fitted with motors. And to control motion a micro controller is embedded to control all robot operations.

Significantly, the robot contains a fire sensor. Therefore, whenever the fire is detected the sensor detects it and the alarm is raised.

The robot works on 12v DC battery. Some of the tools used to create the robot are,

  • Embedded C language
  • Small Device Cross Compiler & Kiel uvision3
  • 8051 Microcontroller

Advantages of the robot are,

  • It’s low cost and easy operation
  • Less power consumption and
  • Complete automation

Robotic Lawnmower as an excellent idea for robotics projects for final year ECE students

The main aim of this project is to craft a lawn mower that can mow grasses in a specific area automatically within less than 20 minutes.

Moreover, the robot controlled device should be able to avoid collisions with the obstacles that come along in the mowing area.

Importantly, the main motto is to create a frame and to implement perfect algorithms for the creation of a good robot lawnmower.

Moreover, you have to design an efficient, navigational, and functional algorithm. That will be able to process data from a completely different GPS, ultrasonic sensors, digital IMU, laser range finder and a touch screen.

Specifically, the use of coders and output of algorithms will control the direction and speed of the movement of the lawnmower.

Especially, the robotic lawn mover you create in this project is based on the GPS navigation system. It is a sophisticated device capable of mowing complex and large size fields.

DTMF Robot

Each button of your old mobile phones like Nokia 3310 will produce different sounds. This is because they have different frequencies. Based on this concept your robot will work.

The main component of this robot is DTMF module. DTMF stands for Dual Tone – Multi Frequency. And this is the basis of your telephone system.

Specifically, phone is technically a DTMF generator that produces DTMF tones as you press the buttons.

Furthermore, you can control the movements of the robot by pressing the buttons on the keypad. You can also make it a wireless communication by connecting one phone with DTMF module and pressing the buttons accordingly.

Metal Detector Robotic Vehicle

Robots can aid in detection of landmines. Moreover, these detection robots can also find any other metals on the ground.

The proposed system has transmitter and receiver circuit. Moreover, the transmitter circuit transmits the commands required to operate the robot.

Furthermore, the receiver circuit receives these commands through RF and moves the robot according to the received commands.

Additionally, a metal detector is interfaced to the controller in the receiver side. Therefore, whenever any metal is detected the robot stops there and the buzzer starts ringing.

Bomb Detection Robotics Using Embedded Controller

This is an useful idea for robotics projects for final year ECE students.

The bomb can be detected by sending a robot to the respective place. You can operate the system from personal computer through wireless RF control.

Moreover, you can control the system by visual moving pictures transmitted from the robotic system.

If the presence of a bomb is sensed a buzzer sound is produced by the robot. Furthermore, it is always possible that when influenced by destructive metals, it can lead to severe damages.

Therefore, to solve this problem, you have to configure a circuitry for metal detection. Furthermore, you can make use of proximity sensors. Proximity sensors produce an output signal when ferrous materials come closer.


Apart from the above, robotics is also used in various image processing and motor driver projects. You can implement these project suggestions, as well as offer you probable ideas in the comments sections.

Cheer up with your project works! According to David Rockwell, “Every project is an opportunity to learn, to figure out problems and challenges, to invent and reinvent”.

All the best for your project success friends.

Best Ways to Succeed in Email Marketing

What are the Best Ways to Succeed in Email Marketing?

Of late, your effort in sending emails to clients and customers didn’t succeed. Maybe you were not successful with email marketing strategy. Also, none may have opened your emails. And you are really worried about it. The only question that might be bothering you is, what are the best ways to succeed in email marketing.

Read the blog post further to get ideas to implement clear cut email campaigns. This will boost your various digital marketing strategies. And of course, increase your ROI.

You have ways mentioned in the form of elucidating points below.

  1. Have clear goals

Your good marketing campaign starts with setting goals. Likewise, think what you want to achieve with your email marketing campaign. Few goals for your email campaign would be,

  • To welcome new subscribers
  • Boosting engagement with a webinar for example
  • Encouraging existing customers by providing them with something they will value
  • Re-engaging inactive subscribers
  • Sending targeted emails by segmenting your subscribers
  • Devising email marketing goals according to your conversion goals

The above points will boost your open rate. Having clear goals is more important if you are a small business.

2)  Learn to group your emails

You should be able to identify the different types of emails that you send. Let us see three email types,

Promotional emails: This type talks about offers and sales and is self-promotional

Relational emails: This type of email gives your customers what you have promised. For example, a weekly newsletter, a free gift, useful relevant information etc..

Transactional emails: In this type of email you have,

    • Subscriber signup confirmations
    • Welcome messages
    • Order or purchase confirmations
    • Acknowledgments of changes to subscriber information

Transactional emails are sent only after subscribers’ action.

3)  Know your audience well

Knowing your audience well is the starting point of all. Send emails that are relevant to your customer’s interests. For this to take place you have to study your audience.

You cannot send the same email message to everyone. Each of your customers is different. Relevant emails bring 18 times more revenue than general emails. How would you send targeted emails? For this, segmenting your email is important.

You can segment the emails based on the customer’s demography, geography, niche, psychography, and product.

You can further segment your email list based on,

    • Survey results
    • Sending frequency
    • Purchase cycle
    • Past purchases and
    • Email activity

This email segmentation will help you to connect with the customers at their interest level. By doing this you can give them relevant and valuable content. This is also a useful content marketing strategy.

4)  Learn to use technology wisely

Use email marketing tools. These tools will help you in,

  • Easy campaign creation and automation, including templates and workflows.
  • Integrations with software you already use. For example with WordPress and OptinMonster.
  • Ways to segment your audience.
  •  Analytics of email campaign performance

Furthermore, features like MailChimp’s automations will help you,

  • Schedule transactional emails
  • Blog-driven updates
  • Quickly respond to customers, and
  • Deliver promotional and relational emails.

5) Have great Optins

Obviously, you need to have sufficient people on your email list to do a successful email campaign. To get more people you have to create attractive optin forms. You can try a few of the following,

  • Use welcome gates that appear when people arrive on your site.
  • You can use lightbox popups that can appear on any page. And temporarily blank out the rest of the content to focus on the optin. These are great ways for conversions.
  • You can have exit-intent popups, that appear when people are about to leave the site. At this time you can offer your lead magnet. 

6)  Craft a good subject line

A subject line is the main, opening headline of your email. Be more straightforward in your subject line.


    • Let your subject line be more emotional and natural.
    • Your subject lines should be short and to the point.
    • You can think of adding humor to your subject line. But don’t go overboard.
    • You can use the right questions and numbers to raise curiosity and also get a higher click-through rate.
    • Tell what people will get in the subject line.
    • Opt for personalization, like adding people’s name in the subject line. This will keep them more engaged.
    • Don’t use spam trigger words so that your email will make it to the inbox.

7)  Have a simple layout

Your layout should not have flashy graphics, huge fonts, and other in-your-face items. Your layout should be clean and simple. Your layout should be professional and easy to navigate. Don’t have an overly busy layout. If so, your email will go into the trash.


8)  Personalize your email

Use your customer’s name in the email if you can. Send your emails from the same address every time. More personalization builds trust. Only then will your emails be opened and read.


9)  Don’t overload on copy

Don’t use too many paragraphs (like 3 paras) to describe your product. Your customer won’t have the time to ready wordy emails. Moreover, use short paragraphs. If you want to give any excess information then place a link to your product page or landing page.


Furthermore, consider the following in your email copy,

  • A personal story: Being human adds credit to the company and often helps people make an emotional connection. Successful emails contain this technique of adding an emotional touch.
  • Something of value to your readers:  The content of value can be any useful information or a resource you are promoting. You also have to make it clear how this will help them.
  • A poll, survey, GIF or video: All these will make the readers more engaged and curious.

10)  Include call to action

Your call to actions in the emails may be,

    • Asking customers to click on a link
    • To ask customers to fill out a survey
    • Asking them to make a purchase

11)  Share social buttons

Social media share buttons in your email encourage readers to spread the word about your brand. This will make them continue the conversation with their peers. You can also use social share buttons to make people land in relevant landing pages.


12)  Keep mobile in your mind

For a larger part, your emails will be opened in a mobile device. 75% of Gmail users use mobile devices. Your emails should be compatible with mobile devices. A recent study revealed that by 2018, worldwide mobile email users will be over 2.2 billion (Radicati). Therefore, you have to make sure that your emails are easy to read and interact with mobile.


13)  A/B Test your emails

You have to A/B test your emails to fully read the mind of your audience. While A/B testing, focus on one variable at a time. For example, focus on,

    • Subject line
    • Offer included
    • Who the email is from
    • Your email list segment
    • Or minor design changes

All these variables will help in understanding your email subscriber, as business owners. And have a great impact on your email marketing strategy and sales funnel.

14)  Deliverability

Last but not least are some points to remember in the mode of email delivery.

    • Monitor your IP reputation scores.
    • Be aware of the spam traps
    • Avoid using phishing links in your content.
    • Add an unsubscribe link in your content.
    • Ask users to add your sender domain to their address book.
    • Provide a link to the online version of your email.
    • Privacy policy and company details should exist in every single campaign.
    • Keep the text/image ratio to a minimum of 50%
    • Do not use bright red, green colors in the content.
    • Try not to use too many special characters in the content.
    • Try to follow all the deliverability best practices.


“Email is easy…if you want it to be. Simplify before you get complicated.” Importantly, email is the lifeline that carries vital data that also links to various other channels of information. Email is a one-stop-shop for all your customer queries.

You can learn email marketing courses in Chennai from a reputed digital marketing institution.

Best Strategies To Evaluate Email Marketing Campaign

Several statistics tell you that email enjoys a better ROI than any other social networking sites.

So, do we consider the work as done after having sent out our email campaigns? Certainly not. We need the result, don’t we? We need to know how far the marketing was effective!

So, what should be the next step? Well, it is the evaluation. But wondering how to go about it? Well, there are a few strategies that you could follow. But to make use of the following strategies, you should have access to any of the analytical tools available in the market. Or if you are not in the mood to shed some dollars, then you could make use of the Google Analytics. It can be accessed for free of cost. So start by signing up for Google Analytics to evaluate the traffic at your site.

So learn to use these following strategies to evaluate the success of your email marketing campaigns.

  • Delivery rate:

Delivery rate is the basis of any email marketing evaluation. It refers to the percentage of emails that reach your subscribers’ inbox instead of getting bounced back. Emails can get undelivered because of various reasons, such as the presence of an invalid email address or a faulty server. When an email fails to get delivered, it can only mean one thing in marketing: the probable loss of a potential customer. Hence, it is important to keep a track of the delivery rate as emails are one of the major links to our customers.

Formula: total no. of undelivered emails total no. of emails sent

  • Open rate:

Open rate is the percentage of the email recipients who had opened our emails. Understanding the open rate is crucial because the success of our Email marketing campaigns commences with the mail getting opened and read. Open rate will also let us understand how occupied our subscriber base is with our email marketing campaigns.

Formula: total no. of emails opened emails delivered

  • Click-through rate:

Click-through rate is important for its proximity to the ultimate goal of an email marketing campaign. Any email marketing campaign will have an agenda, that is, to convert the subscribers into customers. The click-through rate basically speaks of the interest that the subscribers are showing in your brand/products. It this interest that pave a way to your business.

Formula: total no. of clickthroughs total no. of emails delivered

  • Conversion rate:

The conversion rate is the percentage of the recipients who had fulfilled the purpose of the email. It is not that all those who had opened and had clicked through our emails will end up buying that product we wanted them to buy. But if they do, it is time to celebrate. The conversion rate tells us about the success rate. The question is, however, whether the percentage is desirable or not.

Formula: total no. of conversions total no. of emails delivered

  • Declining rate (Unsubscribe rate/Scam rate)

Declining rate refers to the ‘unsubcribes’ and ‘scams’ your email receives. It refers to the percentage of recipients who had either unsubscribed from our emails or moved them to the scam. This rate is important to understand the nature of our email campaigns and also how well those emails are being received. Unlike the first four, this percentage should be lesser.

Formula: total no. of unsubscribes total no. of emails delivered  


                  total no. of scams total no of emails delivered

These strategies and formulae analyze our email marketing campaigns. They help us in keeping an eye on places where we are doing good and where we are lacking. Such an understanding of our email campaigns will let us know where we stand, and will, in turn, direct our thoughts to the several ways through which we could improve our sales rate.


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