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Which is the Best App to Learn Spoken English?

Which is the Best App to Learn Spoken English?

Do you want to improve your English speaking skills in the workplace? Do you have a broken English? Want to learn the English language and English grammar to perform well in your business? This article will talk about the best app to learn spoken English. And of course, other English language learning apps too.

Why Should you Learn Good Spoken English as Soon as Possible?

You have to speak English fluently and write in good English as soon as possible for the following reasons,

Many Nations and its Businesses do Transactions and Negotiations in English

In a country like India and in many other countries, English is an official language. This means important business, governmental, legal, educational, etc. works are chiefly done in English.

Moreover, in these countries, many internal and outsourcing jobs are carried out only in English.

Furthermore, in your workplace, you can understand the queries of your customers and international clients only if you learn the English language properly.

Lack of English language Deprives you of Many Benefits In Your Workplace

You would need English in your workplace for the following reasons,

  • First of all, to get a job in the IT field and to pass in your interview and other job selection tests
  • To chat with your foreign clients
  • To speak boldly in meetings and conferences
  • You will get a chance to go abroad from your company only if you have good command over the English language.
  • To do brief transactions and communication in your workplace
  • Significantly, the common internet language is English
  • You cannot 24/7 use your vernacular language for all communications in your workplace.
  • English is a must to work in MNCs.

Helpful English Learning Apps

First, let’s look at the best app to learn spoken English.

But before that, the apps for English are divided into two, namely, English grammar apps and English speaking apps.

English Grammar Apps from British Council

Most of us are not native English speakers. Therefore, we need to hone our English grammar skills. Some of the best grammar apps, if your native language is not English are

Learn English Grammar app by the British Council (The UK and US Editions) – The Best App

You can go to Google Play Store and type, “english grammar learning app”. In the list below, you will find the LearnEnglish Grammar (The UK and US Editions Separately). Both are separate apps.

It takes only a few minutes to download two apps. Significantly, they are completely free apps. You have three templates, namely, Practice, Test and Settings inside the apps.

Furthermore, to help the English learners to speak boldly in the real world the Practice template has three main sections,

  • Beginner Packs, 1, 2
  • Elementary Packs, 1, 2, 3
  • Intermediate Packs 1 and 2
  • Advanced Packs 1 and 2

Additionally, the Test template has test levels for the Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced Packs.

The greatest benefit is that you can also improve your pronunciation with the audio facility that you have got in both the apps.

British Council’s Johnny Grammar’s Word Challenge app

British Council’s Johnny Grammar’s Word Challenge is an important mobile app that is completely free.

With this mobile app, learning new words is possible. This app is available on Google Play Store and can be downloaded in a few minutes.

Furthermore, you have to do a simple free registration (even with Facebook). You will learn English with three available templates,

  • Grammar
  • Words and
  • Spelling

This app is just like playing a game. You can play on this app for 20 minutes daily or even for more time while you are on the go.

General English Language Learning Apps from British Council

British Council offers even more apps to improve you English conversation skills. These apps are not entitled to any google payments terms.

You can learn the language for free from a most authoritative source like the British Council.

British Council’s Learn English Podcasts – Free English Listening app

In this podcast, you can improve your listening skills. These are entertaining podcasts about everyday life.

You can listen to everyday conversations recorded by native British English speakers. Furthermore, this app provides 60 episodes for over 20 hours of conversation on a wide range of topics.

British Council’s IELTS Word Power app

Though IELTS Word Power app is for those who are preparing for the IELTS exam, you too can try improving your vocabulary using this app.

This app contains over 100 questions to test your word power. After learning English from this app you can boldly enroll in a British Council IELTS test center near you.

British Council’s Learn English Audio & Video app

Learn English Audio & Video app allows you to watch videos and follow along with the audioscript.

British Council’s Learn English Sounds Right app

Learn English Sounds Right app helps you with your English pronunciation.

British Council’s Timmy’s Starting to Read app

Timmy’s Starting to Read app has interactive games. You can start building your vocabulary, start to read from basics and boost your memory skills.

Though this app is for children, adults can still immensely benefit from this app.

British Council’s Learn English GREAT Videos app

Learn English GREAT Videos app will improve your English listening skills with information on UK’s music, sport and more.

British Council’s Timmy’s First Words in English app

Timmy and friends Yabba and Mittens from the TV show Timmy Time help your child to learn English. It is useful to develop the concentration of your kid.

Furthermore, this app has interactive games to boost language, motor and memory skills of your children.

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Learning English app

This app brings together all of your favorite lessons and presenters in one simple app. This app helps to keep your English up to date. With this app you can,

  • Study Grammar
  • Improve Pronunciation
  • Develop English through Topical New Stories and
  • Learn Latest Phrases to Use in Everyday Conversations


Just check out the above English learning apps while you have a cup of coffee or brunch and be successful in your job.

Choose an app – Get a Good Command of English!

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