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Ideas for Robotics Projects for Final Year ECE Students

Ideas for Robotics Projects for Final Year ECE Students

Congrats for peeping into final year ECE. But don’t get panicked about the project work. I am here to suggest you a few robotics projects for final year ECE students.

Final year projects on robotics can be fun. Moreover, robotics projects are famous among projects for engineering students. This article gives you project ideas and project abstracts that you can experiment.

Daniel H. Wilson says, “There are an endless number of things to discover about robotics. A lot of it is just too fantastic for people to believe.”

So without further delay let us look into some interesting robotics projects.

Rocker Bogie Suspension System Mechanical Project

In this project you will develop a surveillance robotic vehicle for defense purpose. Furthermore, this robot is capable of moving in all surfaces. Additionally, it can move on rock terrains.

This robot can also take live streamline videos with the help of a camera.

Moreover, this robot has a mechanical structure superior to chain robots.

Your mechanical based robotics vehicle will contain the following,

  • 8 wheels derived with DC motor.
  • Furthermore, these motors are fixed to aluminium plates that are, 220mm length, 30mm width, and 3mm thickness.
  • Moreover, you have 12mm drill in the center for fixing C shape wing.
  • Additionally, you have a shaft in the center for balancing the mechanical structure.
  • Importantly, there is also a push rod mechanism on either side of the robot. This is helpful in limiting suspension height while driving on terrain rocks.
  • Aluminium material and metal steel are also used to maintain the strength and weight of the mechanical structure.

Interestingly, the robot can be controlled via an Android app in a mobile phone with the help of Bluetooth network.

On the other hand, you can also develop a solar based Rocker-Bogie Suspension System with Gripper attachment. Specifically, this robot can be used for pick and place operations.

Multiple Interface Based Fire Fighting, as exciting among robotics projects for final year ECE students

Let’s jump into this exciting module among robotics projects for final year ECE students.

Industry personal computer is the main controller of the fire fighting robotic.

Furthermore, in order to control the mobile robotics, you have to order the command. That acquire sensor data and programmed the supervised remote system with the visual basic.

Significantly, security information is received by the robot from the interface of the wireless RS232. And a generator user interface is designed for the computer control of the fire fighting robot.

Additionally, users will control the mobile robot with the help of the RF controller, remotely supervise computer and supervised control.

Obstacle avoidance by the robot is achieved using IR sensors. As well as, using ultrasonic sensors as per the fusion method of the multi-sense.

Furthermore, two flame sensors can be used to know the source of the fire. And fight it with the help of the extinguisher.

Specifically, to get more quick and easy environment map in the outdoor and indoor you have to combine the laser finder.

Robotic System with Super Intelligence Micro Controller Project Report

Robotic system with super intelligence micro controllers is important among the robotics projects for final year ECE students.

This autonomous robot is developed to detect fires and bombs for security purpose.

Furthermore, the robot has good flexibility. Moreover, it is controlled with wires fitted with motors. And to control motion a micro controller is embedded to control all robot operations.

Significantly, the robot contains a fire sensor. Therefore, whenever the fire is detected the sensor detects it and the alarm is raised.

The robot works on 12v DC battery. Some of the tools used to create the robot are,

  • Embedded C language
  • Small Device Cross Compiler & Kiel uvision3
  • 8051 Microcontroller

Advantages of the robot are,

  • It’s low cost and easy operation
  • Less power consumption and
  • Complete automation

Robotic Lawnmower as an excellent idea for robotics projects for final year ECE students

The main aim of this project is to craft a lawn mower that can mow grasses in a specific area automatically within less than 20 minutes.

Moreover, the robot controlled device should be able to avoid collisions with the obstacles that come along in the mowing area.

Importantly, the main motto is to create a frame and to implement perfect algorithms for the creation of a good robot lawnmower.

Moreover, you have to design an efficient, navigational, and functional algorithm. That will be able to process data from a completely different GPS, ultrasonic sensors, digital IMU, laser range finder and a touch screen.

Specifically, the use of coders and output of algorithms will control the direction and speed of the movement of the lawnmower.

Especially, the robotic lawn mover you create in this project is based on the GPS navigation system. It is a sophisticated device capable of mowing complex and large size fields.

DTMF Robot

Each button of your old mobile phones like Nokia 3310 will produce different sounds. This is because they have different frequencies. Based on this concept your robot will work.

The main component of this robot is DTMF module. DTMF stands for Dual Tone – Multi Frequency. And this is the basis of your telephone system.

Specifically, phone is technically a DTMF generator that produces DTMF tones as you press the buttons.

Furthermore, you can control the movements of the robot by pressing the buttons on the keypad. You can also make it a wireless communication by connecting one phone with DTMF module and pressing the buttons accordingly.

Metal Detector Robotic Vehicle

Robots can aid in detection of landmines. Moreover, these detection robots can also find any other metals on the ground.

The proposed system has transmitter and receiver circuit. Moreover, the transmitter circuit transmits the commands required to operate the robot.

Furthermore, the receiver circuit receives these commands through RF and moves the robot according to the received commands.

Additionally, a metal detector is interfaced to the controller in the receiver side. Therefore, whenever any metal is detected the robot stops there and the buzzer starts ringing.

Bomb Detection Robotics Using Embedded Controller

This is an useful idea for robotics projects for final year ECE students.

The bomb can be detected by sending a robot to the respective place. You can operate the system from personal computer through wireless RF control.

Moreover, you can control the system by visual moving pictures transmitted from the robotic system.

If the presence of a bomb is sensed a buzzer sound is produced by the robot. Furthermore, it is always possible that when influenced by destructive metals, it can lead to severe damages.

Therefore, to solve this problem, you have to configure a circuitry for metal detection. Furthermore, you can make use of proximity sensors. Proximity sensors produce an output signal when ferrous materials come closer.


Apart from the above, robotics is also used in various image processing and motor driver projects. You can implement these project suggestions, as well as offer you probable ideas in the comments sections.

Cheer up with your project works! According to David Rockwell, “Every project is an opportunity to learn, to figure out problems and challenges, to invent and reinvent”.

All the best for your project success friends.